Fess Up Organizers and Everyone Else!

I confess. I am not as organized as I want to be or as organized as I think I “should” be as a professional organizer. Maybe I’m just being a perfectionist. Either way I am ready to come out of the messy closet so-to-speak and confess my organizing sins.

1. My desk has devolved into piles. I am tempted to blame it on the desk, but the truth is it is all me. Why don’t I organize it? I guess it isn’t a big enough problem. Luckily, I have enough memory intake to make it work. Someday that will not be the case.

2. My car is frequently a mess. You can usually find stuff I am hauling to and from clients, mail that I grabbed from the mailbox on my way by, and a number of things my daughter “forgot” to take out of the car. The good news is that it is rarely the same stuff two days in a row (except for my daughter’s).

3. The exercise/game storage room is my final confession. My excuses? I don’t like being in the basement, no one sees it, and it doesn’t impact my daily life.

Are there lessons here? Of course! Accept imperfection, consider whether the disorganization impacts your life, and most importantly, d0n’t spend more time organizing than living.

Now that I have fessed up, it’s your turn. What is your disorganized secret?


Things My Mother Taught Me About Being Organized

I have noticed that the things my mother used to say when I was a child that drove me crazy, are actually very wise and useful tools. Like when I would ask how many days there were in May and she would start chanting “30 days has September,  April, June, and November…” Or when it was Saturday and I would ask if I could go out and play and she would say something like “You know it’s Saturday. Is your room clean?” I tried saying “yes” when the truth was “no”.  I thought she was a genius to look under my bed and in the closet, and now I realize that I could have shown genius by hiding my stuff in the linen closet or my brother’s room. Because I was too busy rolling my eyes I didn’t realize that she was shaping me into a professional organizer. The popular little ditty about the months taught me that there is usually a tool out there to organize just about anything, including how many days there are in a given month. Our Saturday morning cleaning ritual taught me to get the tasks you dread over with before they ruin your day by being on your mind. And I wouldn’t dream of hiding my stuff in the linen closet because I will never find it again. I learned to maintain my organized room during the week so that I didn’t blow a whole Saturday cleaning my room.

Lastly, I learned recently that when you age all bets are off. Everything takes longer, nothing is simple, and sometimes you need help. Too much stuff, too much change, and too much going on all make being organized harder.

This Mother’s Day my gift to her is this post and all the free organizing services she can stand.  Granted, she would probably say that I am only giving her this gift because I have run out of organizing products to give her and that she has already had all the free organizing services from me that she can stand!

My mother taught me so many things that helped shaped me into a professional organizer. This Mother’s Day, remember your mother or someone who mothered you. Find a way to teach someone something wonderful that your mother taught you. Thank you mom for teaching me how to organize so I can now help you. You truly paid it forward.