Fess Up Organizers and Everyone Else!

I confess. I am not as organized as I want to be or as organized as I think I “should” be as a professional organizer. Maybe I’m just being a perfectionist. Either way I am ready to come out of the messy closet so-to-speak and confess my organizing sins.

1. My desk has devolved into piles. I am tempted to blame it on the desk, but the truth is it is all me. Why don’t I organize it? I guess it isn’t a big enough problem. Luckily, I have enough memory intake to make it work. Someday that will not be the case.

2. My car is frequently a mess. You can usually find stuff I am hauling to and from clients, mail that I grabbed from the mailbox on my way by, and a number of things my daughter “forgot” to take out of the car. The good news is that it is rarely the same stuff two days in a row (except for my daughter’s).

3. The exercise/game storage room is my final confession. My excuses? I don’t like being in the basement, no one sees it, and it doesn’t impact my daily life.

Are there lessons here? Of course! Accept imperfection, consider whether the disorganization impacts your life, and most importantly, d0n’t spend more time organizing than living.

Now that I have fessed up, it’s your turn. What is your disorganized secret?


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