Post Crazy

Despite what you might think, I didn’t suddenly decide that it was time to blog a bunch of entries in one day.  K-squared is about to launch a new website with a new look and better connections to social media.  I have always posted organizing tips on my website, but in the new design tips will be found here on the blog.  It probably always made sense to have tips as blog posts so others can easily comment.   So, the flurry of posts that you see here are the result of back-posting tips from recent months.   This is a good lesson for me in working smarter (and being more organized) to reduce my overall workload.  Instead of trying to keep two locations for communications updated with content, why not pick one location for each type of content and have the other location simply pull the good stuff and display it to a potentially different audience?  Experts tell me there is something  cool about how HTML5 and RSS feeds work for this type of thing; what I care about is working smarter not harder.

I am confident  you will enjoy the new website when it is launched and find it easier to follow my organizing tips here in the blog.


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