Tip: Procrastination Pt 2

Procrastination II  January 2012

Last month we started the subject of procrastination. This month we will devise some strategies to handle the Feelngs/mood causes:

1. If the task is unpleasant – play music, use a pleasing scent to fill your work area, make up some games that involve steps of the task, plan something fun for when you are done

2. If you feel overwhelmed – break the task down into smaller parts, recall times when you have completed other tasks even when they seemed overwhelming initially, stay focused on the vision of what to achieve

3. If you are not in the mood – ask yourself if you need to be in the mood to start the task, work for 10 minutes and see if you can get past the mood and if not, stop for a while

4. If you don’t want the responsibility – determine if you fear failure, delegate when possible

5. If you fear success – figure out what you fear about success, do small things that move you closer to succes and ses how you feel

6. If you “thrive” on the adrenalin rush caused by waiting until the last minute – try exercising and then begin the task, plan a (safe) alternative adrenaline rush as a reward if you finish the task early

Next month and we will tackle some strategies to address the causes related to thoughts and cognitions.


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