Tip: Procrastination Pt 3

Procrastination III,  Feburary 2012

Last month we developed strategies to handle the feelings/mood causes of procrastination. This month we will devise some strategies to handle the thoughts/cognitions causes:

1. If the task is too difficult – First, ask yourself if it really is too dificult orr that is your fear or low self-esteem talking. If it really is too difficult, determine which parts are too difficult and what you need to make them easier. If you need more information, get it. If you need expert assstance, either delegate it or hire an expert. If the task is more than a one person job, get help.

2. If the goals are unclear – Either begin the task and hope the goals become clearer, or determine how to get clarity. If the task is assigned to you, go back to the assignor and ask for clarification. If the task is of your own making, ask yourself why it needs to be done. You can challenge the reasons if they include words like “should”, ‘ought”, or “must”. Why should you? What are the consequences if you don’t?

3. If the task seems unimportant – Determine the conseqeunces of not doing it. Does it make sense to be completed this task, or are there other, more important tasks that need to be done instead?

4. If it might go away – Is that really true? Are there negative consequences if it “goes away”? If it is not true or there are unwanted consequences, does procrastinating make the tasks easier in any way?

5. If you need time to mull it over – There may be nothing wrong with that, and it may not even mean you are procrastinating. you can schedule a time to be alone and mull over the task. It may be helpful to give yourself a deadline to end the deliberating time and start the acting time.

Next month and we will tackle some strategies to reduce to address the causes related to behaviors and practicalities.


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