Who Says Organizing is Boring?

My daughter, that’s who. Here’s how it happened. I am not one who has an unlimited supply of topics to write about. When I need a blog topic, I often turn to expert talkers like my daughter. She suggested I write about why organizing is so boring. Once I got past the thought that she was trying to get a reaction from me, I really had to think about what she was telling me. I know there are people who do not enjoy it and people who are not good at it, but I never really thought about the possibility that some might find organizing boring. Clearly my daughter finds it boring. How is that possible? There is mental stimulation in trying to figure what to put where and in what container. There is emotional stimulation in encountering items that evoke memories of good and bad times. There is physical stimulation as you move things around an area. There is even a level of suspense. Will I be able to fit in my closet everything I want to keep? Will I have enough time to finish? Will this system work better for me than what I had?

With all that stimulation and suspense, how could organizing be boring? I asked my daughter this and she offered this profound response “It just is”. I guess when you’re young some things are that simple.

For the rest of us, maybe “boring” is code for other feelings that we want to avoid. There might be fear of failing to complete the organizing challenge, or fear of not completing it to perfection. Maybe the fear is that the organization won’t last. There might be an avoidance of the feelings that are invoked when going through memorabilia. Maybe the avoidance is of what you tell yourself about the level of disorganization that has existed. Do you tell yourself you are stupid, incompetent, or lazy?

If any of those are true for you, there is an option other than avoiding. Usually the anticipation, dread, and fear are worse that the actual event. And if you want to lose the boredom factor, make it fun. You may not be able to change much about the organizing task itself, but you can make just about anything fun. Turning it into a game, playing music, rewarding your self for small steps, and inviting a friend to help or keep you company are all easy ways to make organizing more fun.  What are your creative ways to keep organizing from being boring?


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